Monthly Archives: July 2008

Dream Project of My Career

I just watched some On Demand programs promoting the Summer Olympics next month, and I was reminded of how much I am infatuated with the Olympics and the ideals and the visual branding campaigns that they’ve had (yes, including the London 2012 campaign by Wolff Olins).

I have long since dreamed to be a part of an Olympic Games visual branding team, preferably where the host city is in the States (although anywhere is totally fine with me; that way I get to take on the challenge and learn about other cultures). The Chicago 2016 campaign is too soon, and it seems like they’ve got it covered already, although they had to redesign their bid logo. So hopefully, 2024 or 2028, since 2020 is probably still too soon in my career.


Design is Decision Making

When it comes right down to it, design is about making decisions, right?

This goes beyond just graphic design. I was sitting in a certain room in my house staring at the linoleum tiles on the floor when I re-realized that everything in our lives are designed. From the linoleum tiles and layout of my house to the public policies and laws of the community. The former involves architecture and interior design, while the latter is design of something more ideal than physical.

When congresspeople make laws, they are designing the way we live and behave. They made those decisions; that’s design.

When we choose to go out instead of staying in to study for a big test, we’re designing the course of our future; there’s a decision made there as well.

When we figure out what we want to eat for dinner tonight, we’re designing the future of our bodies. Another decision.

While I still agree with Michael Bierut that “[n]ot everything is design. But design is about everything,” since it is stated in a different context, I now also believe that almost everything involves decision making of some sort, and therefore it is design.

Am I stretching this relationship too far? I’ve been trying to push for the fact to other people that design is more than style, and I want to get a good, satisfactory definition of “design” and “graphic design” for myself first.