Monthly Archives: April 2009

What Am I Doing? (Apr 2009)

There’s little to update for this month. It’s what you may say a transition period of things that have happened and of things to come. I’m trying to wrap up the final behind-the-scenes stuff with Portal A before I move into a different stage of this freelance life. But this transition period will be no different from any other time of my life; I will be busy busy busy trying to get through the thousands of next-actions from my 100+ projects list.

Just another plug for my client: if you need some video work done, check them out. They’re also looking for an intern for the summer. No coffee runs; real chance to do actual work.

Quote I Go By Lately

“Don’t Live in a Design Bubble.” —Me, to myself.


Don’t Live in a Design Bubble

Last night, I was going through my Google Reader and came upon Subtraction’s post “Dear Designer: You Suck.” To best honest, I didn’t really read the whole thing. I read the first paragraph and skimmed the rest. From what I assumed I understood, the post was about designers not taking non-designers’ criticisms well. As I skimmed through the rest of the post, one of the headings read, “Living in Bubbles.”

It didn’t really matter what it said (though I’m sure it was very thoughtful and well-written), but I realized that I’ve been living in a design bubble and I really should go out and explore and do something new that is not related to design. I really want to do this on a regularly (e.g. monthly) basis, but I don’t know what. Surf? Travel? Skydive? So if this idea comes to fruition, it would be fun to post it here.