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Second Text Post

Testing second post by email. Found out I can’t really send images to
the post. But let’s find a work around. I’m sure I can always just use
the WordPress app.

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Madmen-ed Myself

Ivan's Madmen character

Don’t usually post stuff like this, but I think it’s semi-related. I Madmen-ed myself, and you could, too. I tried to portray myself as accurately as possible, but they had limited choices. And I think I was supposed to make myself classier, but where’s the fun in that?

More importantly, watch season 3 of Mad Men starting Sunday, August 16, at 10pm. I’m not paid by AMC; I just like the show enough to plug it on my blog.


What is the Worst Job for an Inanimate Object?

We’ve heard of the Discovery Channel show Dirty Jobs, which shows jobs that we really don’t want to do but appreciate those who do. It also gives us a reason not to complain about the jobs that the rest of us have.

But what if inanimate objects come to life and try to out-complain their jobs with humans? I’m not talking about places, like landfills or sewers, but objects. A really easy one would be the toilet, like this. But I am sure there are worse.


What Am I Doing? (July 2009)


After catching up with one of my friends from the Design Program a few weeks ago, I found out he is currently teaching a summer session course in Processing, a relatively new visual programming language. I remember reading blogs about it a year or so ago, and while I thought it seems like a cool thing to learn, especially for designers, I just didn’t have the time to take on a new language. Well, now I have more time with this type of stuff, especially after having set up a system to play with it using the Programming Experiments section.

One thing I notice pretty early on is how it’s similar to ActionScript and JavaScript in terms of syntax. But the syntax is also similar to C++ in some ways (which I’ll explain later). The process is pretty simple and relatively easy to use and learn.

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