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Adding Something More Opaque

I’m thinking of adding an element to the theme. For months I’ve tried to work transparencies and transparencies alone into the layout, but it always felt that something’s missing, practically literally.

I needed a contrast against the transparencies to bring attention both the transparency and this new more opaque substance. I’m thinking of using a paper texture, but I’m afraid it’s too much contrast. Maybe something in between, like tracing paper or vellum? Exploration and experimentation ensue.

For the few of you who read this blog (you know, both of you), feel free to give comments and feedback on the idea.


Trash in Volcano

I’ve been reading (finally) Cradle-to-Cradle, and I’m at the part about how so many things we do in the industrialized world releases so much toxins into the environment, even when we try to recycle plastics by melting them.

I have no scientific knowledge/background about this, but what if, assuming that it doesn’t blow up immediately, you throw large amount of trash into a volcano? What kind of toxic stuff would get spewed into the atmosphere, compared to what it would normally spew out anyway, and how much of the toxic stuff gets swallowed by the volcano?


(This is the type of stuff I would have posted through Twitter if I had set it up (and in less than 133 characters).

To Twitter or To Blog?

The few of you who follow this blog notice that it is not updated as frequently as it should. I know this probably falls under the “hey guys, sorry for like, not updating this blog in like, FOREVER” category, since like most people who aren’t professional bloggers, I have other things that require more of my attention.

But that doesn’t mean I don’t want to keep this blog fresh, creative, and interesting. I started this blog (and naming it so) with the intent to “dump” my ideas, or, if you prefer, throw them onto the wall, and see what sticks. Between the lack of time and the growing concern to produce good, original content on this blog, I have started to regard it as a burden. Also, I started another blog, the Experiments, to actually materialize some of those ideas. So what type of content is left for this blog?

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What Am I Doing? (October 2009)

UI/UX Design at Zynga

Since I last updated, I have begun working on a project at Zynga as a freelance UI/UX designer. Originally, I was asked to work on only one aspect of the project, but I have since been asked to work on a second part. I am becoming more familiar with the project and am curious to how it’ll turn out in the end.

I’m not going to lie; I’ve enjoyed the work very much. I have mentioned last time that I haven’t done anything exactly like this before, so it is exciting, fascinating, and eye opening, and I’m learning a lot. I myself have started thinking of ways to further enhance the experience in future releases, if I am given the opportunity to continue.

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Perpetual Calendar

I was looking for eco-friendly/sustainable paper notepads online and found this online store eConscious Market, which sells a bunch of different “econscious” stuff, from clothing to body care to paper supplies. All of this could be another post in itself, but during the browse, I found a term that caught my eye.

There is this one product called “Perpetual Calendar,” and I immediately thought of my experiment concept for a “reusable calendar.” The product ended up not being what my experiment was, but I quickly searched online for that term, especially for products with that name.

I found one product that has the same concept as mine. Here’s the link: The product is a bit ugly for my taste (mainly the month part at the bottom), but it’s such a delight to see that concept out there.


Emotional Attachment

One of my designer friends (whom I’ll call “Lame-y,” which is what I call her anyway) was working on a thesis project and asked a bunch of friends to do a quick survey.

The survey asked for three things (not living objects) that I have an emotional attachment to despite their imperfections.

I sat there in my room looking around for things that I might have an emotional attachment to, but I quickly realized how I don’t really have emotional attachment to a lot of my stuff, which felt both great and disappointing. My approach to this, actually, was to pretend that there’s a fire and I can only take three things with me, no matter how heavy or long they would take. What would I really miss if I didn’t take with me? And here’s what I came up with:

  • My photos, both printed and digital.
  • The universe.
  • All the journals that I have created throughout my life.

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