Monthly Archives: January 2010

Decision Making

Before, I used to think that the most important step in making decisions is thinking through the problem and its solution thoroughly, weighing the consequences and benefits. But now it seems more important to make the decision quickly and have a good enough reasoning behind it in case something goes wrong.

I’m not sure I can buy into that yet.


Safe is Risky

Sometimes in your career, while driving home one day in the evening commute, a Seth Godin quote pops into your head and refuses to let you go until you’ve made the braver decision.

Yeah, those moments, while not dramatic, changes one’s life, even if the results are disappointing and the battle is lost.


AIGA Design Lecture Series: Debbie Millman on March 4, 2010

A friend of mine twittered a few days ago that he was going to see Debbie Millman of Design Matters and Sterling Brands speak in San Francisco on March 4 at AIGA. Within three minutes, I registered a spot.

Two years ago, I saw Sagmeister speak at the same Adobe office for the same AIGA Design Lecture Series.

While I’m way more of a Sagmeister fan than Debbie’s, I still followed her radio show for many years and admire her insight. Also, Debbie Millman is currently the president of the entire AIGA, so it would be even more exciting to hear what she has to say (aside from promoting her new book, Look Both Ways, of course).

AIGA event information:

Debbie Millman’s website:

Registration: $30 for non-AIGA-members, $20 for AIGA members, $15 for students.