Monthly Archives: February 2010

The Process of Making Progress

You can accomplish a lot if you work a lot in a short amount of time. You can probably also accomplish the same amount if you spread that out over a bit longer period of time.

Or to put it another way, you can accomplish a lot with less people but they have to work really hard. And you can accomplish the same amount with more people and they would be working comfortably hard.

The question is, which way do you prefer to work on a regular basis?


What Am I Doing? (February 2010)


Still working on PetVille. We have so many milestones and exciting things happening in the past few weeks as well as in the coming weeks. It’s definitely not a boring job (not that I suggested it in the first place).


I’ve ridiculed its limitations, and others have ridiculed it as well. But I still want to get it, for two reasons. 1) I think this is a good family sharing device. I can picture my parents looking at photos and watching videos on it. 2) I want to learn to develop stuff for it; so it’ll be my testing device. But I have to get a full-on Mac first though so I can use Xcode. I would like to get back into coding.

I don’t think my family nor I will use it for it’s “primary intention” which is reading books. Though, I wonder if they do more than just text, so that my baby nephew can use it as an interactive children’s book as well.

That’s all for this month.