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Control Fun

I managed to get some bandwidth this Memorial Day Weekend to advance on my iPhone programming lessons. You’d think that I should spend my time enjoying the nice weather here in the Bay Area during this long weekend (which I did a little yesterday), but actually, this is what I really wanted to do now that I finally have some free time away from work.

iPhone app screenshot - Control Fun

Here’s a screenshot of the exercise on the basic iPhone controls. It was sort of tedious to go back and forth on the book and get all the code and settings right, but I’m starting to get how it all works, at least on the interface side. Pretty soon, I can make something practical!

Objective-C is pretty different from JavaScript or PHP, so it’s sort of a steeper learning curve, especially when I haven’t touched the stuff in the past month. But I have been watching iTunes U podcasts on programming methodology, so it’s not like I’m completely out of the loop.


Thank Goodness for iTunes U

I enjoy learning, and I’m glad that I don’t need to spend a fortune to “attend” lectures at famous universities around the world to do so.

Even though I would still have to find time to sit through the video lectures, which add up to a lot of hours, if I’m passionate enough about a certain subject, I would make time to watch them all.

Either that or watch something else (currently Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution) on my iPad.


What Am I Doing? (May 2010)

WordPress on iPad

Apple Crazy

In the past month, I purchased three Apple products: the finally updated MacBook Pro, the Magic Mouse for my MacBook Pro, and this iPad 3G.

My friend teased me and said that I’m totally a Mac person now and that I’ve converted, but that’s not true. I’m still more comfortable with Windows, but I’m out trying different things. There are some things I like about Windows, and there are some things I like about Macs. And there are still things that annoy me about each of the three new Apple products that I got (ex. Typing on this iPad is still subpar, and made for people with not even an edge of a fingernail.)


My iPad arrived on Tuesday, and it’s been making me lose focus at work since I don’t bring it to work. I haven’t really done too much stuff on it, but I just like how much fun it is to do tasks with the touch and movements of my fingers.

I downloaded a bunch of new apps, of course. And even though you can run iPhone apps on it, the experience is just not the same. That’s why I get upset when there isn’t an compatible version for the iPad. But it’ll only be a matter of time…


I’ve been trying to find time to go back and do some coding again, particularly on the iPhone and iPad. It’s practically a brand new language for me, and it’s going to be interesting and challenging on the way.


Hello World and Button Fun

Hello World App

I started playing around with Xcode and going through the book Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche that I checked out from the library. I only went through two tutorials before I got busy again at work. I also only have a few more days left before the book expires, but I’ll probably renew it and perhaps buy the book if I find great value in doing so.

I also bought an Objective-C pocket reference book and try to get myself familiar with the language. So far, probably 30% comprehension; I need to do the actual coding as I’m reading the book to really understand what it all means.

The screenshots are from the two tutorials that I went through. Super basic, and I didn’t understand half of what they told me to do. But I’m excited of what I could do.

Button Fun App