Hello World and Button Fun

Hello World App

I started playing around with Xcode and going through the book Beginning iPhone Development: Exploring the iPhone SDK Dave Mark and Jeff LaMarche that I checked out from the library. I only went through two tutorials before I got busy again at work. I also only have a few more days left before the book expires, but I’ll probably renew it and perhaps buy the book if I find great value in doing so.

I also bought an Objective-C pocket reference book and try to get myself familiar with the language. So far, probably 30% comprehension; I need to do the actual coding as I’m reading the book to really understand what it all means.

The screenshots are from the two tutorials that I went through. Super basic, and I didn’t understand half of what they told me to do. But I’m excited of what I could do.

Button Fun App


3 thoughts on “Hello World and Button Fun

    1. Ivan W. Lam

      I have, like last summer, before I had a mac to follow along with. I’ll need to go back and rewatch it. Do you have interest in developing iPhone/iPad apps?

  1. Law

    yah, i was learning Xcode, but a bunch of projects came up so i stopped. i think i’ll be more motivated to learn it if i have an idea on what to make.


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