Round-the-World Ticket Booked

It’s pretty official. I finally booked my round-the-world ticket.

There was a lot of checking and double checking, and I may write about this more in detail later on. But I actually went back and included the round-trip flights between Lima and Cuzco into the RTW ticket itinerary instead of buying them separately (because apparently there was practically no change in cost whether I include it). And more importantly, I also included my flights within Europe instead of using Athens as a hub. No more Greece, and slightly less time in the air.

Quick advice, if you know you’re going to make the purchase, it may help to tell your credit card company that you’re going to make a huge purchase. My credit card company emailed me (as they should, I’m glad) right after I click the order button about potential fraud activity. Fortunately, I was able to approve the purchase from the credit card’s site and I didn’t have to call anybody (it’s getting late right now also).

Now that that’s done, I get to move on to a million other things I have to do to plan this trip. That’s another post.

(The first of four “Blood Moons” is about to start soon)

(It’s my cousin’s birthday today)

(I think I can handle saying that you would like to drink something later at my house in Italian now.)

(171 days before start of the Big Trip)

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