Monthly Archives: May 2014

Japanese Progress: 1-6


I swear Pimsleur made these programs with the focus for customers to pick up people in foreign places. It’s more like Pimp-sleur. This being my third language series, I can guess what’s coming at around lessons 9 or 10.

(141 days)

(Bought travel insurance yesterday.)

(Justin Timberlake released feel-good music video with Michael Jackson)

Italian Progress: 1-24

New favorite word/phrase: sbagliare, as in “Non si può sbagliare.”

Past favorite words/phrases: vorrebbe, diciotto, and velocemente.

I’m enjoying that practically every word in Italian has one pronunciation, it’s similar to Japanese, where each word is made up of predefined sounds.

But I’m still getting the hang of plurals and some gender differentiations.

(150 days before start date)

(Sarah Bareilles released a cool video that involved two sweet proposals)