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Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together | Video on TED.com

Mae Jemison on teaching arts and sciences together | Video on TED.com.

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Today I watched a TED presentation (link above) of Ms. Jemison speaking about art and science as two seemingly opposite fields that stem from one human characteristic: creativity. Basically both involve thinking and using our minds to arrive at certain outcomes.

That’s a really interesting way of looking at these two fields, as it makes me feel more comfortable about my interests and passions in design and science. The video is worth the watch if you’re interested in both.

Incomparable Comparison of Life Accomplishments

During the presentation, she mentions her academic experience in college, where she was studying all these physics courses with complicated sounding names while putting together a dance show that she was also passionate about. After that she mentioned that she went to space, which made her super impressive in my book.

Then it all came back to me (as it usually does when I watch these fascinating presentations). For some time now, I have (perhaps naively) dreamed of becoming famous or well-known. Not movie-star famous, but of importance in a field that I’m passionate about and have spent my life’s work on (e.g. in design, people like Sagmeister and Bierut would be the level of “fame” that I’d like to achieve).  But I feel like it’s starting to become too late for me.

I didn’t major in multiple subjects as Ms. Jemison, nor am I anywhere close to being in space (though that was also one of my dreams when I was younger). Compared to these people, I feel like I haven’t worked hard at all to get where I want to be. Right now, the reason I have for being in the current state of my career is that I am “laying out its foundation” that, when completed, will allow me to succeed more efficiently while to fail more constructively in the world, which is an acceptable reason for the time being. But very soon, that’s not going to cut it, for anyone.

The positive side of this story is that at least I still have hope on my side. I am still working, inching closer everyday to complete that foundation. I still have the drive to continue and to become something important, and because of people like Ms. Jemison, I am “allowed” to use both my passions for art and for science to get there.


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