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What Am I Doing? (June 2009)

Site and Experiments Section

If you couldn’t tell from my posts for the past month, I’ve been crazy working on my website, especially the Experiments section. I’m just about finished with that section before I move on to the remaining areas of this site.

Programming Experiments screenshot

My latest addition is the Programming Experiments section. This is really important for me as I want to share and document my mini-coding experiments as I work on this site and future sites. These experiments won’t have the tutorial type of posts, but they will show as much of the related code that I use as possible. It’s not perfect right now, but it can be.

I have to admit, it takes a lot of work and time to build this “complete” website that I had dreamed of for many years, a site that is supposed to be representative of the public side of my life, including my career as well as my passions. Even though it’s taking longer than I expected, I have enjoyed the journey. I wake up every day excited and wondering if I would be coding and designing that day. I even considered making a shirt that just says something like, “I would code all day if I could.” Programming for me evokes so many ideas and possibilities, it’s mind-blowing!

Building this “supersite” or “complete” site is definitely not a one-project deal. It builds upon existing knowledge about the medium over a period of time. If I had completed my site a year ago, I would not have learned about PHP, MySQL, WordPress, and jQuery, and I would have a much more difficult time integrating the new knowledge into my site to make it more user friendly. It is this reason that I am partly glad to have taken the amount of time that I have to build this site up.

Bedtime Reading

In the daytime, I’ve been working on my site and doing client work. At night, I’ve been reading up on books that I checked out from the library as well as some that I bought that relate to career stuff. It’s definitely gotten me more confident about my near future. Still, it’s going to require more preparation and practice so I can be even more ready to get out there. I’ll probably elaborate as these events that I’m referring to happen.


Part of my bedtime reading included puzzles, especially logic puzzles. I didn’t realize how much I enjoy thinking about puzzles until I read a bunch of them. I didn’t even have to get the right answers or know how to get there; just having them swirl around in my head a couple times a day make me feel more purposeful. This is probably why I am perfect for a career in design and programming. Problem solving is my nature.

This puzzle reading actually started after I set up the Puzzle Experiments section. At first, I was just doing math-based puzzles, but now, I’m compelled to put some original logic puzzles as well.


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