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Wisdom and Experience

I don’t know if anyone else has seriously thought about this, but for those who are just starting out in the working world and adult life, have you ever wonder what people who are older than you wish they knew when they were our age?

The expression “Youth is wasted on the young.” is often mentioned to make the point that older people (whom I’ll refer to as “Wiser People”) know what life is all about (at least more so than us youngins). I, at the same time, often look back and wish I could redo some things in my teenage and college years, had I known what I know now, so no doubt the Wiser People wish they could do the same for when they were in their twenties.

At the same time, I see that the Wiser People at work, even those who are only ten years older than I, seem more confident and collected in how they carry themselves and engage in discussions. Their fears, if many, are neatly tucked away in their words and only let out in the best, most productive way possible. I would like to believe that this “talent” is a result of ten or more years of wisdom and experience that has led these Wiser People to realize that what they had feared in their twenties are pointless and silly, much like how we look back to our teen years and realize that our concerns and worries were quite trivial.

So what can these Wiser People tell us about life, work, and anything else? What advice can they give us? I’m not asking for step-by-step instructions on how to live my life, but merely a few realizations to keep an eye out for as we live our twenties.

Or is it completely useless to ask, because we won’t know until we experience it?


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