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What Am I Doing? (September 2010)

Baseball Game

I went to my first live baseball game a few weeks ago. It was an SF Giants vs. Arizona Diamondbacks game at the AT&T Park in San Francisco.

This is probably the case for all baseball stadiums, but I was amazed by how huge, yet at the same time how compact the stadium was. Since it was my first time, my friends walked around the stadium with me to check it out before taking our seats. It didn’t take too long to make a complete circle, yet when I looked out into the field, it just felt like the world was physically there, watching the game.

Even though the Giants lost horribly that night, it was still a fun experience for me, mainly because I didn’t know what to expect.

San Diego

For Labor Day Weekend, a few of my friends went on a road trip from San Francisco down to San Diego. No one from the trip had been to San Diego, which was partly why we went. Our plan for the weekend was to escape from our lives in the Bay Area and not have any real plans.

San Diego was quite a clean town. Downtown was pretty quiet too, probably because it was the weekend. The Gaslamp Quarter was definitely worth a stroll at night. It had its charm and setup, although I think the novelty can wear off pretty quickly.

While the trip ruined my fantasy to discovered that San Diego is not always sunny, we still had a decent amount of sun at the gorgeous Pacific Beach, which totally gave off that SoCal vibe that I very much needed to experience. Maybe this is typical and all beaches are like this, but I’ve certainly been deprived of that, having lived in the cool, foggy Bay Area for many years.

Having just took surfing lessons a month ago, I was inspired by this beach to prepare for revisits next summer, potentially many, many times.

The Experiences

These two experiences weren’t really about design or creativity, but I suppose the connection could be that in whatever we produce as designers and creators, we shouldn’t just aim for an end result, but also somehow strive for those unexpected inspiring moments that could trigger new ideas and new opportunities in yourself and your audience. It’s moments like these that linger in the mind and get them wanting more.


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