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What Am I Doing? (November 2010)

Promoting the Tech Beat-Up

White Collar Brawler, the show created by my former freelance client Kai Hasson and Nate Houghteling of Portal A Interactive, is hosting an event called Tech Beat-Up in the Sunset in San Francisco on Thursday, November 11.

Tech Beat-Up is an inflatable glove boxing tournament of representatives from tech companies in the SF Bay Area, all for charity.

I was very lucky to be able to recruit two awesome representatives from Zynga to compete. I even took the poster that my friend Lawrence Guzman designed and Zyngified it (see above).

The event is at the Rockit Room on 406 Clement St., on November 11 at 7:30pm. Tickets are $10 now and available at Eventbrite, but they will be $15 at the door.

As if there aren’t enough links for this event, here are some more:


Another thing I’ve been doing a lot lately is shopping, mainly for my first collection of home furniture. This is all happening quite fast, so it’s a tiny bit disappointing to have to make decisions so quickly. I might elaborate in another post, but basically, the criteria that have been constantly going through my head on every single item that I will/have purchased are: 1) eco-friendly, 2) style, 3) function, 4) price, 5) space, 6) delivery, and 7) ease of move-out.

So think of doing that for one item, then multiply by everything you own in your home, and divide by the number of days in which you have to think about this, you will get a head full of numbers and lists. GTD is helping me, but I wish there’s a handy app for that, especially one that syncs with my brain.


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