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Deciding on the App to Make

It’s time to figure out which app from my list of ideas I should make. As you can see below, I’ve weighed the pros and cons, and briefly looked at the potential risks and rewards. I have decided to aim for the stars and am going with creating the Muni app with transfer suggestions.

Educational App for Babies/Toddlers (My Nephew)

  • Pro: Helps kids learn stuff
  • Con: Mainly for kids. Kids may get bored
  • Usefulness: M – Mainly for kids
  • Demographic: Children/Parents
  • Difficulties/Restrictions: Kids may get bored. Not familiar with how kids play and what makes it fun

iOS Wallpaper Prep

  • Applies custom text on an image to use for iOS wallpaper. Text would have contact info in case device is lost.
  • Pro: No need to use computer to edit image anymore. Probably easy to make
  • Con: Won’t be used often
  • Usefulness: L – Only used occasionally
  • Demographic: Practically anyone
  • Difficulties/Restrictions: practically none beyond my level.

Muni Real-time App with Transfer Suggestions

  • Pro: Really useful.
  • Con: Probably hardest to make
  • Usefulness: H – Used almost everyday
  • Demographic: SF Public Transit users
  • Difficulties/Restrictions:
    • Need to figure out how to get bus traffic data
    • Need to figure out algorithm for calculating connections
    • Need to figur out how to visualize data

One Per Day Blog

  • Creates an app version of my blog that easily records one-word summary of the day with a one-sentence description. It should also display past entries in an effective way.
  • Pro: Easier to use than now (I use the WordPress app, without a more efficient way to look at past posts)
  • Con: No an app for everyone
  • Usefulness: H for me, L for everyone else
  • Demographic: Probably just me. Could be expanded to select bloggers
  • Difficulties/Restrictions: Need to figure out how to connect with WordPress or own server

Working Out Data Entry App

  • Creates an app that records my workout stats in detail, along with other features that apply to me, including goal setting, workout suggestions, and an effective way to display my history
  • Pro: Easier to use than now (I use a WordPress app to record my goals, and another app to record my weight, but I don’t have a way to record the details to record my workout.
  • Con: May not include every single exercise/situations of a workout.
  • Demographic: Athletic people
  • Difficulties/Restrictions: Need to know how to store data on device and in cloud.


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