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Muni App Goals


  • Plenty of apps that tells you when the next bus is arriving for a certain route and stop, and sometimes tells you how long it takes to get to your destination
  • Doesn’t include trips that requires transfers
  • Hard to tell where the bus is exactly and if there will be a delay
  • Existing apps tells you what “should” happen (how many minutes will the bus arrive, etc.)

Potential Implementations

  • Include a function that lets you create “trips” which include multi-vehicle transfers
    • You can create your trips by entering addresses (and from your Contacts), tapping on a map (a la Maps App), or by bus lines
    • Include recommendations for a route based on traffic conditions at the time.
  • Include information that tells you whether the bus is probably late
  • Include information that tells you if this bus route is usually late on this day of the week at this time
  • Include traffic accident information, include street closures for special events
  • Include links to any info that has not been integrated to the app yet
  • Include a crowd-sourcing feature that gathers real-time comments from riders commenting on any line (e.g. tweets complaining that a bus is late or explaining why it’s late)
  • Include a map of all the buses running or the lines you selected.
  • Include suggestions for places to go via public transportation

Goal of the App:

To improve upon existing apps by providing a more pain-free and a more fun user experience for getting the user from point A to point B.

These two features aim to achieve that goal:

  1. Provide an easy way to find the best route to get to a destination based on real time conditions, using as many vehicles as it takes.
  2. Provide information that suggests the punctuality of each bus/vehicle

Nice to haves (V2+):

  1. Crowdsourcing real time comments via tweets, other social media, or within the app’s data network
  2. Suggests places/landmark to go via public transportation


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