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Big Trip Weekly Status Update – Three Weeks Left


  • Kept buying more stuff, but haven’t yet had a chance to re-pack after the first time I did it two weeks ago and noticed MOST of my clothes took up 3/4 of the space already.
  • Two purchases arrived that I’m excited about: 1) a old-school digital watch that I will use mainly to tell time without taking out my phone in public and to wake me up, again without leaving my phone out while I’m unconscious. I’ve started wearing it to get used to having something on my wrist and also to test-drive it. And 2) a tiny little indulgent purchase, the Joby tripod adapter for my phone for photographing the aurora (or try to at list). It’s very lightweight and folds flat.
  • Travel/Hostel sheets arrived. I’ve been testing it on my own bed for past few nights. Very thin (almost too thin) but still warm (my room’s warm anyway, though).
  • Finally bought my daypack…s. I got the packable version and a theft-proof version. I honestly can’t decide, partly because I don’t know if I have room for the larger theft-proof version. I’m going to decide near the very end and return the other one.
  • Started reading up on money and currencies. Let’s just say there are a lot of currencies.


  • Finally started going through the cities and booking places to stay. So far, I’ve only done Johannesburg and half of Lima. It’s still somewhat difficult to decide the hostel that’s right for me when I’ve never stayed in a hostel before. At this point, I’m relying a lot on reviews, and there always seems to be something negative said about each hostel. It is what it is.
  • What I realized that I also need to do is arrange airport transfers to and from the hostels. Having traveled in the US, I feel lucky to rely on public transportation or different types of private transport services. But when I go to a foreign land, airport transfer services are really useful, and I get why it’s important now!
  • So right now, for the first fourteen nights of my trip, I know where I will sleep for twelve of them. Progress.

Digital Preparation

  • I started setting up my devices and apps for traveling. Cleaned out a bunch of space on my devices and my Dropbox and downloaded the apps that people recommend.
  • WikiSherpa/Wikivoyage, while super basic, has been really useful. And it can be used offline once you downloaded the pages for the city!
  • Word Lens is also really cool. It’s the one where you aim the camera at a sign in a foreign language and it translates it for you. It was featured on an Apple commercial but was recently bought by Google. And I think that’s why they offered all the language packs for free “for a limited time” whatever that means. So I downloaded all the languages and tested out French both ways. It works pretty well.


  • Submitted my application for Chinese visa this past week. The process was much more efficient than I thought. Just a lot of prep work. So once I get that visa, I can technically travel all the way around the world.


  • I forgot to mention in the past two weeks because it’s been such a passive activity now for the past five months. I’m reviewing all six languages that I will be trying to speak on the trip. I had planned to review 10 lessons from each language over six weeks, and I will be starting week five. With every lesson review, I realize how much I forget. Let’s hope I can get by.

Next Week

  • One thing I’m still really concerned about is my luggage, especially when I still haven’t gotten everything I “need” for the trip and my luggage is probably full. So I really need to do another packing test and make some tough calls on what to and not to bring.
  • Accommodations. Gotta get those booked, at least most of them, something at the start of each city.

(18 days. WHAT?!)

(The sun just had a giant solar storm and triggered really strong aurora borealis that even northern US can see. I’m sort of jealous. Hopefully there’s some residual material leftover in the next month so I can see it in a little over a month.)

What Am I Doing? (Jun 2010)


I would say that talent is a pretty desirable, if not the most desirable, attribute that one should have in their career. Along with talent comes power. How you use your power determines what kind of person you are.


I would say that teamwork is a pretty desirable, if not the most desirable, attribute that one should have in their work. With teamwork, you need good communication. How you communicate to your team determines how good a leader you are.


It’s been a month since I got the iPad. A lot of you have asked yourselves the question, “What would I use the iPad for anyway?” and after a month, I sort of feel the same way. Nontheless, I still like my iPad and how it makes me feel when I use it, and I see a lot of potential for it as we all figure out what its best for.

For me, right now, I use it a lot to watch videos (mainly podcasts) and read books in bed. It’s much better than placing a hot laptop on my lap in bed, and I wouldn’t even THINK of watching videos on my iPhone for longer than five minutes.

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What Am I Doing? (May 2010)

WordPress on iPad

Apple Crazy

In the past month, I purchased three Apple products: the finally updated MacBook Pro, the Magic Mouse for my MacBook Pro, and this iPad 3G.

My friend teased me and said that I’m totally a Mac person now and that I’ve converted, but that’s not true. I’m still more comfortable with Windows, but I’m out trying different things. There are some things I like about Windows, and there are some things I like about Macs. And there are still things that annoy me about each of the three new Apple products that I got (ex. Typing on this iPad is still subpar, and made for people with not even an edge of a fingernail.)


My iPad arrived on Tuesday, and it’s been making me lose focus at work since I don’t bring it to work. I haven’t really done too much stuff on it, but I just like how much fun it is to do tasks with the touch and movements of my fingers.

I downloaded a bunch of new apps, of course. And even though you can run iPhone apps on it, the experience is just not the same. That’s why I get upset when there isn’t an compatible version for the iPad. But it’ll only be a matter of time…


I’ve been trying to find time to go back and do some coding again, particularly on the iPhone and iPad. It’s practically a brand new language for me, and it’s going to be interesting and challenging on the way.