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What Am I Doing? (Jun 2010)


I would say that talent is a pretty desirable, if not the most desirable, attribute that one should have in their career. Along with talent comes power. How you use your power determines what kind of person you are.


I would say that teamwork is a pretty desirable, if not the most desirable, attribute that one should have in their work. With teamwork, you need good communication. How you communicate to your team determines how good a leader you are.


It’s been a month since I got the iPad. A lot of you have asked yourselves the question, “What would I use the iPad for anyway?” and after a month, I sort of feel the same way. Nontheless, I still like my iPad and how it makes me feel when I use it, and I see a lot of potential for it as we all figure out what its best for.

For me, right now, I use it a lot to watch videos (mainly podcasts) and read books in bed. It’s much better than placing a hot laptop on my lap in bed, and I wouldn’t even THINK of watching videos on my iPhone for longer than five minutes.

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Thank Goodness for iTunes U

I enjoy learning, and I’m glad that I don’t need to spend a fortune to “attend” lectures at famous universities around the world to do so.

Even though I would still have to find time to sit through the video lectures, which add up to a lot of hours, if I’m passionate enough about a certain subject, I would make time to watch them all.

Either that or watch something else (currently Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution) on my iPad.


What Am I Doing? (May 2010)

WordPress on iPad

Apple Crazy

In the past month, I purchased three Apple products: the finally updated MacBook Pro, the Magic Mouse for my MacBook Pro, and this iPad 3G.

My friend teased me and said that I’m totally a Mac person now and that I’ve converted, but that’s not true. I’m still more comfortable with Windows, but I’m out trying different things. There are some things I like about Windows, and there are some things I like about Macs. And there are still things that annoy me about each of the three new Apple products that I got (ex. Typing on this iPad is still subpar, and made for people with not even an edge of a fingernail.)


My iPad arrived on Tuesday, and it’s been making me lose focus at work since I don’t bring it to work. I haven’t really done too much stuff on it, but I just like how much fun it is to do tasks with the touch and movements of my fingers.

I downloaded a bunch of new apps, of course. And even though you can run iPhone apps on it, the experience is just not the same. That’s why I get upset when there isn’t an compatible version for the iPad. But it’ll only be a matter of time…


I’ve been trying to find time to go back and do some coding again, particularly on the iPhone and iPad. It’s practically a brand new language for me, and it’s going to be interesting and challenging on the way.


What Am I Doing? (April 2010)


Obviously late to update, mainly because I’ve been very busy at work.

We’re working hard on PetVille and try to think of ways to make it better. Can’t specify, but I’m excited.


As you can tell from my previous post, I bought the new MacBook Pro on Tuesday, and it will arrive next week. I’m very excited but also a little intimidated by having to set up everything on the new computer, and really learn the inner workings of a Mac OS. I’ve worked on Macs before, but I’ve never owned one, so I’ve never really looked deep and figure everything out.

My next purchase will be the iPad 3G. That’s going to be even more intimidating as I know I will get sucked into playing with it for hours at a time and not have time to do anything else, OR, I get so busy at work that I don’t have time to play with it.

Pretty soon after that, I’ll be buying a couple books, related to the iPad. You probably have an idea what kind of books those are, and hopefully something good and useful will come out of it in about three months.


This isn’t design or creativity related, but it could be. A few weeks ago, I had the sudden desire to learn surfing. So I think I’m going to learn to surf this summer, just because. It should be an interesting change in my life if I happen to take it on.

I might also get Scuba certified this summer, for a trip later this year.

And, if the opportunity is there, I might learn to snowboard or ski next winter. That should be interesting as well.

I think all these new desires and goals arose from working so much lately. Sometimes, when you don’t get pushed to one extreme in life, you don’t see the other side. In the end, I’m glad I get to see this.


The iPad

I don’t have one, yet.

The day has finally come. And I had to watch people experience the joy of being one of the first ones to own the new device. I don’t mean to overhype it, but I’m pretty certain this is going to be the next big thing in media consumption.

There are of course skeptics who still think this is a useless piece of technology, because it can’t be carried around like a phone, nor can one do as many things on it like on a laptop or desktop. Those may be valid reasons, but they’re not important reasons.

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What Am I Doing? (March 2010)

Debbie Millman

For a few hours last week, I managed to return to the land of graphic design and AIGA when I attended a lecture by Debbie Millman at Adobe SF about Why We Buy and Why We Brand. It was a nice step-back look at the greater design world outside of Zynga and see where I stand in the grand scheme of things.


The new gadget just became available for pre-order two days ago, and I believe I will be getting one. I just haven’t decided which one to get, but I have decided that I will decide after it comes out and hear what other people are saying.

Dreams and Work

I don’t know if this happens at later stages in one’s career, but I find myself re-evaluating my career path more or less on a regular basis as I weed out elements of a career that I don’t enjoy and include those that I do.


What Am I Doing? (February 2010)


Still working on PetVille. We have so many milestones and exciting things happening in the past few weeks as well as in the coming weeks. It’s definitely not a boring job (not that I suggested it in the first place).


I’ve ridiculed its limitations, and others have ridiculed it as well. But I still want to get it, for two reasons. 1) I think this is a good family sharing device. I can picture my parents looking at photos and watching videos on it. 2) I want to learn to develop stuff for it; so it’ll be my testing device. But I have to get a full-on Mac first though so I can use Xcode. I would like to get back into coding.

I don’t think my family nor I will use it for it’s “primary intention” which is reading books. Though, I wonder if they do more than just text, so that my baby nephew can use it as an interactive children’s book as well.

That’s all for this month.