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Spanish Progress 1-15

Word I just learned and kind of like: “demasiado”. It’s simple and long-ish. The other is “juntos”. So different but familiar.

Only in the past two lessons did I finally start feeling intuitive enough to think of words in Spanish without translating seconds before. The pronunciations of all the Rs and Ls from one word to the next is still hard.

Also, I’m starting to blend some really similar words into Italian. I’m also forgetting a little bit of the Italian as well. I do short reviews every week but I may need to review more as the trip gets closer. And it’s getting closer.

(107 days)

(There is some sort of situation in Iraq. Not very clear what exactly)

Italian Progress: 1-24

New favorite word/phrase: sbagliare, as in “Non si può sbagliare.”

Past favorite words/phrases: vorrebbe, diciotto, and velocemente.

I’m enjoying that practically every word in Italian has one pronunciation, it’s similar to Japanese, where each word is made up of predefined sounds.

But I’m still getting the hang of plurals and some gender differentiations.

(150 days before start date)

(Sarah Bareilles released a cool video that involved two sweet proposals)