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Do Things That Make You Thrive

A friend recently showed me that I could borrow audiobooks from the local library, so I have been on an audiobook kick.

The latest book I finished was Oprah’s “What I Know For Sure”. In it, you’d find the typical Oprah feel-goodisms and wealth of quotable lines, but one passage in particular resonated with me. In one of the stories about her struggles with dieting, her trainer gave her a piece of advice that stuck with her: Eat foods that make you thrive.

I like this line not because of any relationship I have with food, but that it can be generalized and applied to life: Do things that make you thrive.

Whenever I’m considering eating something I know is unhealthy or will make me feel bad later, either physically or mentally, I try to find an alternative that can satisfy what I want (usually something sweet) but is still relatively good for me. This can be applied to finances, social activities, career choices, etc. My problem, however, is being too cautious with everything. Perhaps the “thrive” part is the missing benchmark against which I can use to take worthwhile risks.



_ __ ___________ ___ __ ____.

_ __ ___________ ___ __ ____.
I make decisions for how to live my life.
I ask for what I want.
I have control over my decisions.
_ __ ___________ ___ __ ____.
try my best to accept the consequences of my decisions and actions.
I accept the events in my life that are within my control and know I can control how I should react.
I accept the events in my life that are out of my control and know I can control how I should react.
_ __ ___________ ___ __ ____.
I and only I can make decisions for myself and only for myself.
I can only give you advice through the lens and biases of my unique experience and it may be different for your needs.

_ __ ___________ ___ __ ____.
I decided to start.
I decided to make it up as I go.
I decided to live my best life.
I decided to live numbers and puzzles.
I decided to run the marathon, not the sprint.
_ __ ___________ ___ __ ____.
I decided to ask for a leave of absence.
I decided to travel alone.
I decided to use this airline alliance.
I decided to take this route instead of adding a few more from my list.
I decided to take a shorter trip so I could be home for both my parents’ birthdays.
I decided to take more time to contemplate and to book the RTW ticket, resulting in a few sold-out flights and paying the next price tier to keep my itinerary.
I decided to learn a little bit of all these languages, even if I can probably get by with English.
I decided to bring only one piece of carry-on-sized luggage for my entire trip.
I decided to get a new set of clothes for the trip.
I decided to stay mostly in hostels and splurge with a hotel once in a while.
I decided to purchase a few tours instead of self-guiding the entire way.
I decided to let my planning obsession take over and create spreadsheet after spreadsheet, even if they get slightly difficult to keep track.
I decided to skip weekends of socializing to plan this trip.
I decided to let myself off for the night and procrastinate and resume planning the next day, or maybe the day after, or the day after…
I decided to start a whole new project two months before my trip and have it eat into my planning time, like right now.
I decided to test my clothes and gear weeks in advance, as dorky as it may look and feel.
I decided to insist on traveling with one bag and leave behind a few things that I bought just for the trip.
I decided to completely change my mind and agree with my friends that bringing six weeks worth of cash is dangerous and to have to quickly find an alternative within two weeks.
I decided to tell my family about this trip less than two weeks before I leave.
I decided to keep my leave of absence at work on the down low.
I decided to have a crepe outing instead of a drinks outing with my coworkers for my send-off.
I decided to try the peach and Nutella combination this time.
I decided to take and eat that free cookie.
I decided to pay for my coworkers before my boss intercepted partially too late.
I decided to bring my new rain jacket to work, unknowingly that I would be highly satisfied with its water repellent ability on my way home in heavily drizzling rain that evening.
I decided to listen to the advice of my friends, reviews, blogs but retain the power to make the call.
I decided to plan and take this trip the way I want because this is my trip.
I am responsible for my life.

My philosophy is that not only are you responsible for your life, but doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment. —Oprah Winfrey


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