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100 Days Before the (Little/First) Big Trip

I think I’ve covered a lot of my progress in a recent post, but here’s a quick recap of what I’ve done and what I still have to do.

What I’ve done

  • Flight
    • Booked the main part of my flights
  • Logistics
    • Bought travel insurance
  • Languages
    • Learned introductory Italian
    • Learned introductory Japanese
    • Learned 5/6 of introductory Spanish

What I still have to do

  • Flight
    • Book the two remaining flights (first and last leg)
  • Languages
    • Finish learning introductory Spanish
    • Learn introductory Norwegian
    • Refersh/Learn introductory Mandarin
    • Review all languages
  • Activities
    • Make reservation for Machu Picchu tour
    • Make reservation for Safari tour
  • Accommodations
    • Make reservations at hostels and places to stay
  • Packing
    • Get travel-friendly cltohes
    • Get travel gear
  • Health
    • Get necessary immunization and medication
  • Logistics
    • Get Chinese visa
    • Find out if I really need a visa for transit through Brazil
  • Destination research
    • Prepare a list of things I must do and I could do at each destination

As I may have mentioned before, work has been busy and I rarely have time during the week to plan, and with the summer season, I also want to take advantage of the beautiful weekends and go outside. Still, I am glad to have this much time to think and plan, but I would be disappointed if I have to rush a lot or make sacrifices as it counts down to 20 days and 10 days, etc.

(100 days!)

(Greece edged out Côte d’Ivoire in the last few minutes to advance to the Knockout stage.)

Italian Progress: 1-24

New favorite word/phrase: sbagliare, as in “Non si può sbagliare.”

Past favorite words/phrases: vorrebbe, diciotto, and velocemente.

I’m enjoying that practically every word in Italian has one pronunciation, it’s similar to Japanese, where each word is made up of predefined sounds.

But I’m still getting the hang of plurals and some gender differentiations.

(150 days before start date)

(Sarah Bareilles released a cool video that involved two sweet proposals)