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All Flights and Tours Booked

Within the past week, mainly around the weekend, I finally booked my remaining flights (first and last legs) of the trip, as well as the two tours that I will join to see Machu Picchu and African safari.

I had been getting flight price alerts from Kayak for three months, and only last week did I put the prices on a spreadsheet and chart the trends.

Based on this article, they say the best time to purchase domestic flights is three to seven weeks before the flight. But I just wanted to get some of these big necessary tasks out of the way. Also, the day I charted the numbers, the price for the first leg dropped significantly in price. So I took advantage and booked it. It was with US Airways, but I don’t really care. I’m starting to get a sense of how much I’m spending this trip, and I’m okay with saving money on a part of the trip that has such limited range for enjoyment anyway. With the last leg, I noticed that the price had been pretty stable and never dropped below a certain point. I figured now is as good of a time as any other, and I booked that as well. Only afterwards did I have a little bit of buyer’s remorse when I realized that I would arrive at the airport 46 miles away after 10pm. I would have a lot of trouble finding efficient public transportation to get me home, which means I may have to spend more money on a taxi, which I might be able to save had I booked a flight at a higher place to a closer airport. But I’ll survive.

With the two tours, I went on gadventures.com to book the Machu Picchu trip, and then I went on intrepidtravels.com to book the safari trip. I read through the complete trip notes to make sure nothing questionable jumped out. As I did brief research on the safari pickup locations, I inevitably started looking into the best hostels to stay at. That’s going to be my next task, after I deal with my giant shopping research spreadsheet I had set up and started buying these things I need/should have for the trip.

(79 days)

(Weird Al came out with a parody music video for Happy, called “Tacky”. It’s well made and full of cameos.)

(German soccer team had a homecoming party after winning World Cup. Good for them. Also, I like their “1” shirt.)