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A Little Overwhelmed with Objective-C

Since I’m going to be making an app, I figured I should do a little refresher on the tools and language of Xcode and Objective-C.

A few years ago, I watched the Stanford iPhone App Development class free on iTunes U. It was a different language so it was kind of hard to grasp some concepts. Also, I didn’t really get to practice it because I didn’t have a Mac at the time.

But this time around, I have a Macbook Pro and Xcode installed, and I’m watching the newest version of the iOS app development course (http://itunes.apple.com/us/course/ipad-iphone-app-development/id495052415). I figure I would at least not be surprised by the different syntax of the language.

But in the second class, where the instructor went through a demo of “the first app,” I couldn’t completely follow what’s going on, let alone imagine what I would do if I were to do it myself. Luckily, there’s a step-by-step screenshot-by-screenshot walkthrough the class has prepared, so I get to at least have an assisted start.

What I’m trying to say is that I might have bit off a little more than I can chew with this app. But it’s still early, so I’m going to stay on course to do this Muni app. And if it gets too much, I have some back up ideas.


What Am I Doing? (February 2010)


Still working on PetVille. We have so many milestones and exciting things happening in the past few weeks as well as in the coming weeks. It’s definitely not a boring job (not that I suggested it in the first place).


I’ve ridiculed its limitations, and others have ridiculed it as well. But I still want to get it, for two reasons. 1) I think this is a good family sharing device. I can picture my parents looking at photos and watching videos on it. 2) I want to learn to develop stuff for it; so it’ll be my testing device. But I have to get a full-on Mac first though so I can use Xcode. I would like to get back into coding.

I don’t think my family nor I will use it for it’s “primary intention” which is reading books. Though, I wonder if they do more than just text, so that my baby nephew can use it as an interactive children’s book as well.

That’s all for this month.