PUZZLE Anagram à la Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle

I’m not saying that this is what Will Shortz does on NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday Puzzle all the time, but it happens annoyingly frequently.

Take the letters from the word “PUZZLE”. Advance each letter once to the next letter of the alphabet (if it’s a Z, advance back to A) and you would get “QVAAMF”. Do this twenty-four more times and you get twenty-six sets of letters (including “PUZZLE”). Change one letter in each set, rearrange them to get an English word.

What is this English word?

Sign Hill View November 2008

Sign Hill View 2008 - thumbnail

Last year was my town South San Francisco’s Centennial, and to celebrate, a tower of lights that vertically spelled out “1 0 0” was put up on Sign Hill, unofficially named for the giant cement letters on the side of the hill facing the city that read, “SOUTH / SAN FRANCISCO / THE INDUSTRIAL CITY”. You can see a part of the “1 0 0” tower in the background of the Archives section.

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